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Its great to be back

Everyone will have been affected over the last 15 months or so and for all my friends in the wedding industry it has been really tough. Its fabulous to see the relaxation of restrictions and feels like we are finally returning to the new normal....whatever that will be!

The wedding season is now in full swing and it really does feel great. Meeting up with couples for rehearsals and then their wedding day, catching up with venues, chauffeurs hair, make up and all those amazing people who help to make magical wedding memories.

I've had three weddings so far and the calendar is full right through to December. Congratulations to Clare and Paul, Faye and Matt and Naomi and Wayne. You'll see a few of their photos pop up on the website over the coming weeks, when they've had chance to share with family and friends. Here is one I love just after Clare and Paul tied the knot.

Next year is pretty full already, bookings for 2023 and enquiries as far ahead as 2024. It really does seem couples just want to tie the knot and genuinely it is great to be part of their big day. As always, thanks for reading.


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