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What a year 2022 has been...

This time of year is when I refresh the website, updating the photos and its styling. It gives me a chance to reflect on all the weddings and other photography assignments over the year.

I've helped couples capture the most important day of their lives, worked at more new locations and met loads of new people too. Churches, football grounds, halls, hotels and registry offices have all played host to the weddings I've captured. There are too many highlights to single out any one day. I've done a couple of commercial assignments, countless portraits and over 20 weddings this year. I feel so lucky that this has enabled me to go part time in my office job, so I now have more time to pursue this passion I have called photography.

I say often that I am touched by the lovely feedback customers provide. Customers doesn't seem the right phrase really as I keep in touch with so many of you afterwards who become friends.

So if you have a minute to spare, please have a look at the updates to the website. Many of you will see familiar faces (no I don't mean Diversity). There have been people I have worked with previously. At one recent wedding I had three of my brides and grooms together. At another just five days later two cousins and their brides were together again, both have been best men for each others' weddings this year!

There are some customers who were friends before, or who I have worked with previously. There are some who I have captured their weddings and then gone on to do bump and/or newborn photography too. It is always great to catch up.

It's natural to think ahead to 2023. I'm fully booked for weddings next year, but always struggle to say no if I am able to help ;)

Thank you to everyone who has trusted me to capture their wedding day or portraits. I do really appreciate it and look forward to 2023 to do it all again :)

As always, thanks for reading.


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