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Wedding Number 100!

I should make more time for social posts and blogs, but this year has been busier than ever! A massive thank you to all my customers and apologies for the lack of updates!

This post is to share that I'll soon be taking photos for wedding number 100. It is hard to believe that over the ten or so years I have pursued my passion for photography that I would reach this landmark. I also take portraits, pet photography and do some commercial work, but wedding days remain my favourite. Such happy occasions and I can recall events from every single wedding I have photographed.

I love it when I meet couples again at other weddings. That has happened a few times in recent months with as many as three wedding couples all at the same event - you know who you are!

I am planning to provide a free gift for my hundredth couple. In the meantime I'd like to thank all my couples so far this year. I've had trips to Branston, at the Riverside (who have made me their preferred photographer) and the Pavilion. I've had a couple of weddings at Melbourne View and am back there again this weekend for a third. Also been to Shottle Hall, Coalville, Donington (The Priest House) and Winshill, amongst others. There are some photos from the recent weddings here. I'll try not to leave it so long to the next update!

As always, thanks for reading,

Paul x

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