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Last Post for Christmas

Well my last post anyway....

I'm watching for the photo books and canvas prints coming through after recent weddings. As always a great time working with the couples to record their special day.

I have recently captured Megan and John's Wedding at Barton Marina, then two weddings in the space of six days at Makeney Hall for Ellen and Rob and then Nic and Alan.

The autumn colours this year have been amazing and add to that some lovely sunsets and it makes for beautiful wedding pictures.

Most recently, I took the wedding photos for Chelsey and Kiefer and am just putting the finishing touches to their online album. One more wedding to come for Michelle and Nick in early December, the second wedding for their extended family this year.

Then just time for a couple of portrait shoots, before the cameras have a bit of a rest until 2018. The wedding calendar for next year is virtually full, although those who know me will say I'll always try to squeeze in just one more booking.

As always thanks for reading and hope you all have a great end to the year with the festive period.


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